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Welcome to the Department of Water & Agricultural Resources Management (WARM).

Message from the Chair

Dr. Rebecca Yegon, Chair

Latest Publications

  • Chepkoech, E., Rotich, F and Alkamoi, B. 2020. Assessment of genetic variability of passion fruit using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Journal of Agricultural Science and Practice 5(5): 202-211.
    Maina, H., Karuri, H., Rotich, F. and Nyabuga, F. 2020. Impact of low-cost management techniques on population dynamics of plant-parasitic nematodes in sweet potato. Crop Protection 137: 105311.
  • Migose, S.A., van der Linden, A., Bebe, B.O., de Boer, I.J.M., Oosting, S.J., 2020. Accuracy of estimates of milk production per lactation from limited test-day and recall data collected at smallholder dairy farms. Livestock Science 232, 103911.


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