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A great career nurtured by WARM

I am a former PhD Student of Crop Protection at the University of Embu, School of Agriculture, Department of Water and Agricultural Resource Management. I wish to appreciate all those that contributed to my academic journey between 2015 and 2020. I wish to acknowledge that my PhD studies, despite having financial challenges, the supervision team (Dr. Mark Otieno, Dr. Esther Arunga, Dr. Jamleck Muturi & Prof. Mattias Jonson) was very helpful and supportive of my work. The supervisors had great linkages and networks that enabled me to travel to Sweden twice for training in areas that were linked to my research. This not only gave me exposure in my field of research but also opened an avenue for collaboration with Koppert Biological Systems Ltd, where part of the project was funded.

My supervisory team was unique, since they were mostly busy yet selfless with their time. We worked together tirelessly visiting field sites, reviewing proposal and thesis work even after working hours. I highly appreciate their sacrifice and willingness to be part of the research.

The Board of Post Graduate students played a great role in training on best publication ethics and publishing journals, this was followed by rigorous postgraduate seminars that helped to broaden my thoughts on my research area. The university provided a conducive environment for postgraduate studies, this included a well-equipped library, uninterrupted and fast internet connection, available access to high impact journals. I must acknowledge that the secretaries and administrators of various offices were quick to disseminate information concerning any individual concerns such as forwarding proposals and thesis from one office to another and this helps to avoid delays in defences.

The University of Embu is not only a training ground for postgraduate students but they also follow up to ensure that you have the required skills to implement and polish your already acquired skills. Long after graduation, I was privileged to be invited to a training on supervision of postgraduate students. This was really helpful since I work in an academic institution and these skills are very important.

I would recommend any student to join the University of Embu for their further studies and I look forward to working with them in future engagements.

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