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  1. Musafiri, C. M., Kiboi, M., Macharia, J., Ng'etich, O. K., Okoti, M., Mulianga, B., ... & Ngetich, F. K. (2023). Use of inorganic fertilizer on climate-smart crops improves smallholder farmers' livelihoods: Evidence from Western Kenya. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 8(1), 100537.
  2. Collins M. Musafiri, Joseph M. Macharia, Milka N. Kiboi, Onesmus K. Ng’etich, Chris A. Shisanya, Jeremiah M. Okeyo, Elizabeth A. Okwuosa &  Felix K. Ngetich (2021) Comparison between observed and DeNitrification-DeComposition model-based nitrous oxide fluxes and maize yields under selected soil fertility management technologies in Kenya. Plant and Soil Volume 463, pages 395–413 
  3. Franklin S.Mairura, Collins M.Musafiri, Milka N.Kiboi, Joseph M.Macharia, Onesmus K.Ng'etich, Chris A.ShisanyacJeremiah M.Okeyo, Daniel N.Mugendi, Elizabeth A.Okwuosa, Felix K.Ngetich (2021). Determinants of farmers' perceptions of climate variability, mitigation, and adaptation strategies in the central highlands of Kenya. Weather and Climate Extremes Vol 34, 
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  5. Beatrice Nganga, K. Onesmus Ng'etich, M. Joseph Macharia, Milka Kiboi, Noah Adamtey, K. Felix Ngetich (2020).Multi-influencing-factors’ evaluation for organic-based soil fertility technologies out-scaling in Upper Tana Catchment in Kenya. Scientific African Volume 7
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  7. Ng’etich O.K., J.N. Aguyoh and J.O. Ogweno (2014). The effect of integrated application of farmyard manure and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate on growth and yield attributes of African nightshade (Solanum scabrum Mill.). Asian Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Vol., 02 (02), 158-165. Available online at .
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