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Dr. Rebecca Yegon Publications


  • Mochache, M. O., Yegon, R., & Ngetich, O. (2021). Performance of vermicomposted wastes for tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill.), production: A case study of Embu, Kenya.
  • Mochache, M., Yegon, R., & Wakindiki, I. I. C. (2020). Market town household solid waste management: A case study of Embu, Kenya. Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management, 24(1), 105-109.
  • Yegon, R., Isaboke, H. N., Mrema, G. C., & Mtakwa, P. (2020). ECONOMICS OF PLANTING PITS UNDER SORGHUM AND PIGEON PEA IN SEMI-ARID AREAS OF EASTERN KENYA. Agricultural Socio-Economics Journal, 20(1), 15-22.
  • Mochache, M., Yegon, R., & Ng’etich, O. (2019). Vermicomposting kitchen, municipal market and tea factory wastes using Eisenia fetida earthworms. Int J Environ Agric Biotech, 4(3), 865-873.
  • Phiri, A. T., Muindi, E. M., Omollo, J. O., Yegon, R., & Kausiwa, D. (2016). Inoculated soybean yields response to nitrogen and phosphorus application.
  • Yegon, R., Mtakwa, P. W., Mrema, G. C., & Ngetich, F. K. (2016). Planting pits’ effects on soil nutrients in a sorghum and pigeon pea rotation in semi-arid areas of eastern Kenya.
  • Wakindiki, I. C., & Yegon, R. (2011). Effect of decomposition intensity of incorporated chickpea manure on stability and saturated hydraulic conductivity of a clay loam and clay soil.


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