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Admission requirements
The common regulations for the Master’s degree of the University of Embu and Faculty of Agriculture shall apply.
1. A holder of a degree with at least Upper Second Class Honours in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany and Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, or related plant science degree or Bachelor of Education in Science with Botany and Zoology option and
any other relevant subject from the University of Embu or any other institution recognized by Senate.
2. Holders of a degree with at least Lower Second Class Honours in any of the degrees specified in (1) above with two years of relevant experience or a postgraduate diploma in (1) above or equivalent qualification from the University of Embu or any other institution
recognised by Senate.
3. Holders of a pass degree in disciplines specified in (1) above and a postgraduate diploma or its equivalent from the University of Embu or any other institution recognized by the senate.
4. Holders of a pass degree in the disciplines specified in (1) above with at least five years relevant work experience

Duration of Study
Two academic years

Expected learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the program will:
 (i) Enable graduates to acquire in depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills in horticultural crop production
(ii) Build the capacity of graduates to formulate a research problem, design and execute scientific research project and reporting and communication in horticulture to stakeholders
(iii) Enable graduates to acquire entrepreneurial skills for use in creating employment opportunities

Career prospects
Postgraduates in the field of Horticulture can pursue doctoral studies or work in industry, research institutions, and universities at the national and international level. 

Coursework requirements.
A student is required to attend at least two-thirds of class attendance to be allowed to sit the final examination.

Duration and Pattern of the Course
i)    The minimum duration of the Master of Science in Horticulture course shall be at least TWO academic years (18 months) from the date of registration.
ii)    No candidate for the degree of Master of Science shall be registered as a full-time student for more than four (4) academic years or as a part-time student for more than five (5) academic years without submitting his thesis, except by permission of the University.
iii)    Master of Science course in Horticulture shall be by course work, examination and thesis.
iv)    Each unit shall comprise lectures which shall include tutorials, discussions and practicals.  In addition, the students will be required to attend/present Departmental seminars.
v)    In the second-year students will undertake research, seminar presentation (at least two seminars on their research work) and thesis writing.
vi)    That the departmental regulations for thesis shall apply.

Courses/Unit Distribution for MSc in Horticulture
Year I: Semester I

Unit Code Unit Title Contact Hours
ACS 600     Biometrics for Agricultural Sciences 45
ACS 601    Advanced Plant Physiology and Metabolism 45
ACS 602    Crop Biotechnology and Improvement 45
ACS 604    Seed Science and Technology 45
ACP 612    Research Methods and Scientific Communication 45
ACH 603     Floriculture 45
ACH 604    Advanced Vegetable Production  

 Year I : Semester II

Unit Code Unit Title Contact Hours
 ACS 603    Crop Pest Management 45
 ACS 605    Plant Nutrition and Soil fertility 45
 ACP 610    Agricultural Entrepreneurship 45
 ACH 605    Advanced Fruit Production and Beverage Crops 45
 ACH 606  Post-Harvest Physiology and Phytosanitary Standards 45


Second year

Requirements for graduation
To be considered for the Award of a Master of Science degree in Horticulture
a)    A candidate must have been admitted into the program and taken all required units.
b)    A candidate must undertake a research project, submit a written thesis and pass all respective examinations.

Award of Degree
Candidates who satisfy the examiners in all written and thesis examinations shall be awarded a Master of Science in Horticulture


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