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Admission requirements
The common regulations for the Masters degrees in all faculties of the University of Embu shall apply.
The following shall be eligible for admission to the degree of Master of Science in Agroforestry.
1. Holders of a Bachelor of Science degree with at least an Upper Second Class Honours in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Range Management, Wildlife Management, Forestry, Environmental Science, Biological and Natural Sciences or an equivalent qualification from an institution recognized by Senate.
2. Holders of a Bachelor of Science degree with Lower Second Class Honours in any of the areas specified in (1) above with at least two years relevant work experience or a postgraduate diploma in any of the areas listed in (1) above or equivalent qualification from an institution recognized by Senate.
3. Holders of a pass degree in the disciplines specified in (1) above plus a post-graduate diploma in any field related to land and water management or at least five years’ work experience.

Duration of Study
Two academic years

Expected learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the program students will:
a) Carry out training, extension and teaching or consultancy work in agroforestry and agro ecosystems management.
b) Enhance improved land productivity through appropriate and sustainable agroforestry systems and technologies.
c) Carry out research in sustainable agroforestry systems, technologies and innovations.
d) Contribute to the planning, development, implementation and enforcement of relevant policies relating to agroforestry and reforestation initiatives.
The programme has a comprehensive taught component that offers a balanced coverage of both theoretical and applied courses so that the students are well-grounded in the scope of agroforestry science and application.

Career prospects
Postgraduates in the field of agroforestry can pursue doctoral studies or work in industry, research institutions, and universities at the national and international level. 

Coursework requirements.
A student is required to attend at least two thirds of class attendance to be allowed to sit the final examination.

Duration and Pattern of the Course
i)    The minimum duration of the Master of Science in Agroforestry course shall be at least TWO academic years (18 months) from the date of registration.
ii)    No candidate for the degree of Master of Science shall be registered as a full-time student for more than four (4) academic years or as a part-time student for more than five (5) academic years without submitting his thesis, except by permission of the University.
iii)    Master of Science course in Agroforestry shall be by course work, examination and thesis.
iv)    Each unit shall comprise lectures which shall include tutorials, discussions and practicals.  In addition, the students will be required to attend/present Departmental seminars.
v)    In the second-year students will undertake research, seminar presentation (at least two seminars on their research work) and thesis writing.
vi)    That the departmental regulations for thesis shall apply.

Courses/Unit Distribution for MSc in Agroforestry
Year I: Semester I

Unit Code Unit Title Contact Hours
AGF 601 Agroforestry Systems, Practices & Technologies 45
AGF 602       Agroforestry Biodiversity and Utilization 45
AGF 605       Animal Production in Agroforestry 45
ACS 600       Biometrics for Agricultural Sciences 45
ASM 605    Research Methods, Data Management and Communication of Science 45
ALM 610       GIS in Land Resource Management 45

 Year I : Semester II

Unit Code Unit Title Contact Hours
AGF 603 Soil Health & Agroforestry 45
AGF 604    Dryland Agroforestry 45
AGF 606    Socio-economics & Policy Aspects in Agroforestry 45
AGF 607       Entrepreneurship in Agroforestry 45
ALM 606       Project Planning & Management 45
ASS 607       Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation 45


Second Year

Requirements for graduation
To be considered for the Award of a Master of Science degree in Agroforestry
a)    A candidate must have been admitted into the program and taken all required units.
b)    A candidate must undertake a research project, submit a written thesis and pass all respective examinations.

Award of Degree
Candidates who satisfy the examiners in all written and thesis examinations shall be awarded a Master of Science in Agroforestry.


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