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Bachelor of Science in Management of Agroecosystems and Environment

Goal of the Programme
The aim of the programme is to provide training on environmental management so as to enable graduates assess and solve environmental problems in diverse fields such as agriculture, natural resources management, civil and public health management and manufacturing industries among others. Through extension, teaching, research or consultancy, the professionals produced will be able to manage these enterprises in a sustainable and profitable manner.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme
By the end of the programme candidates are expected to be able to:
1. Design sustainable Agroecosystems for increased agricultural production and environmental protection.
2. Assess the impact of land-use practices on the environment.
3. Develop strategies to combat pollution and degradation of rural and peri-urban land and water resources.
4. Contribute to research and technological innovations in agriculture and environment.
5. Contribute to the implementation of the national policies relating to sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

Admission Requirements for the Programme
Admission to a Bachelor of Science in Management of Agroecosystems and Environment degree programme will be based on any one of the following minimum qualifications:
a) Holders of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with mean grade of C+ or equivalent with passes at C plain or above in Chemistry or Physics and any one of the following subjects: Biology, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agriculture or Geography.
b) KCSE candidates with a mean grade of C+ and at least a C- in any of the core subjects in (a) above that have taken a foundation (bridging) course in those subjects.

Classification of Degrees
Score (%)                   Grade                                         Classification
70 – 100                         A                                             First Class Honors
60 – 69                           B                                             Second Class Honors (Upper Division
50 – 59                           C                                             Second Class Honors (Lower Division)
40 – 49                           D                                             Pass

Units, Total Credit Hours, Contact Hours and Course Units Required for Graduation

First Year
Semester One Units
Unit Code Unit Title Hours
AEM 101 Introduction to Environmental Science    45
AEM 103 Environmental Ethics 45
ASS 101 Landforms and Soil Formation 45
AEC 101 Communication Skills 45
ACH 101 Chemistry for Agricultural Sciences 45
ACS 103 Mathematics 45
Semester Two Units
 ABC 101  Biochemistry    45
 AEC 102  Microeconomics 45
 AEM 104  Environmental Physics 45
 AEM 102  Agroecology I 45
 AEB 101  Intro. to Computers and Information Systems 45
 ACS 105  Principles of Genetics 45
 ASS 102  Principles of Soil Chemistry 45
Second Year
Semester One
 ACS 201  Principles of Crop Production      45
 ACP 202 Agricultural Entomology 45
 ASS 202 Environmental Soil Physics 45
 AEC 201 Sociology and Development 45
 ASS 201  Soil Microbiology & Biochemistry 45
 AAS 201  Principles of Animal Production 45
 ACS 206  Statistics I 45
Semester Two
AEM 201 Environmental Hydrology 45
AEM 202 Atmospheric Science 45
AEM 203 Agroecology II 45
AEM 204 Organic Farming 45
AEM 205 Pollution Science 45
AEM 206 Environmental Policy & Law 45
AEM 207 Biodiversity Use and Conservation 45
Third Year
Semester One
 AEC 304  Agricultural Policy & Law 45
 ACS 306  Statistics II 45
 ASS 302  Environmental Soil Chemistry 45
 AEC 305  Principles of Resource Use & Management 45
 ASS 301  Application of RS & GIS in LU Management 45
 ARM 301  Principles of Rangeland Resources Management 45
ASS 305 Soil Survey, Class. & Land Evaluation  
Semester Two
 AEM 301  Research Methods & Communication 45
 ACP 303  Pesticides and Phytosanitary regulations 45
 AEM 302  Principles of Environmental Project Planning and Management 45
 ASS 306  Utilization and Management of Wetland Ecosystems 45
 AEB 302  Irrigation and Water Management 45
 ASS 304  Soil Biology and Biotechnology 45
 AEM 303  Field/Industrial Attachment 320
Fourth Year
Semester One
 AEC 403  Agric. Extension & Tech. Transfer 45
 ASS 403  Land Degradation & Management of Problematic Soils 45
 AEM 401  Modeling of Agroecosystems 45
 AEM 403  Principles of Environmental & Industrial Toxicology 45
 ASS 402  Watershed Management 45
 AEM 405  Seminars & Special Project 45
Semester Two
 AEM 402  Sanitary Engineering 45
 AEM 404 Occupational and Environmental Health 45
 AEM 406  Sustainable Development and Global Environmental Change 45
 ARM 408  Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 45
  ASS 406  Soil and Water Pollution 45
 ASS 407  Recycling and Bioconversion of Organic Waste 45
 AEM 405  Seminars & Special Project 45



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